Solutions Overview

Aquaback’s disruptive, patent-protected technology is the ultimate water purification machine. Embodied in a series of water purification devices designed for a full range of scale applications, it offers the most efficient (lowest total cost per volume of clean water produced) and most effective (produces the highest quality potable water) customer water purification solutions available. It is the only technology that truly enables safe wastewater recycling, in one step, to the purity standard provided by nature. This standard is best for all water uses

We treat up to 99% of influent resulting in true water recycling. Because recycling increases water supply and effectively addresses water scarcity, Aquaback solutions enable economic development in water-stressed regions. Now buildings, business, industries and communities can be truly sustainable by decreasing water pollution, taking the stress off the environment, and when employed non-centrally, reducing water transportation costs and limiting leakage. The following is a partial list of applications where Aquaback’s water purification products can make a big difference: