A POD module contains 24 cells, achieves higher efficiency with the ability to use one larger more efficient motor and compressor, and reduces capital cost per gallon of water produced by using one larger, relatively less expensive insulated enclosure and other optimizations possible at larger scale. The larger scale also easily facilitates the use of external waste heat that is available in many situations resulting in enhanced energy efficiency.


Pod with cell detailThe following specifications are approximate as this product is still in development:

  • Output Volume: 11,520 Gallons / Day
  • Energy: 8.6 kW | 3.6 kW (with Heat)
  • Efficiency: 18 W*hrs. / Gallon
    7.5 W*hrs. / Gallon (with Heat)
  • Dimensions: 74" H x 31" D
  • Weight: 1000 lbs.