Product Overview

Product Progression

Aquaback is producing a family of products that allow customers to purify increasing quantities of water, while decreasing operating costs. The smallest, most technically complex product is the DRM, which can produce 480 gallons of high quality water per day. Higher flow rates and greater efficiency are delivered by a POD unit containing the equivalent of 24 DRMs, a PAK consisting of 4 PODs, and an ePAK consisting of 2 PAKs and an engine. Utilizing this modular approach, water is purified in parallel to increase system reliability. DRMs, PODs, PAKs, and ePAKs can be placed in arrays to meet any water purification requirements.

The scalable, modular design also allows central planners more flexibility with regard to matching centralized treatment plant capacity with predicted future demand. For instance, with our plug and play PAK product, planners can incrementally increase capacity by 45,000 gal / day as demand for water treatment increases.

Aquaback’s products become the central water purification device in systems and are designed to address specific customer needs at any scale. The following is a partial list of basic systems that Aquaback offers for a full list of systems please visit our Solutions Page

  • Point of Entry (“POE”) water supply: Clean water storage capacity, pressurizing pump and accumulator, and optional point of use device to add electrolytes to drinking water, if desired.
  • Commercial / Residential Wastewater (grey, black or all) purification: Wastewater storage (septic tank or storage tank), possibly augmented ammonia removal (proprietary add on device by Aquaback), pick up pump, and screen (proprietary, Aquaback device), concentrate storage and/or removal.
  • Industrial wastewater recycling, reclamation: wastewater storage, possible pretreatment for very oily water, concentrates storage.
  • Produced Wastewater: Possible pretreatment to reduce oil concentration, storage, piping, trucking.
  • Military / Emergency water supply: Aquaback system at small scale. Power supply (truck battery, field generator, etc.), pick up pump (same as commercial wastewater pump), and clean water storage.
  • Pure water as a component of a final product (for food and beverages).