Distillation Recycling Module

The Distillation Recycling Module ("DRM") is the core water purification device that embodies Aquaback's breakthrough, disruptive, vapor compression distillation technology. The DRM is incorporated into solution specific systems addressing:

  • Point of Entry – Household Water treatment
  • Sewage treatment and recycling
  • Oil and gas produced water treatment
  • Emergency water supply
  • Industrial water recycling and contaminant recapture
  • and many others.

The DRM’s ability to, in one step, purify and recycle up to 99% of incoming water to a truly potable, chemical-free, bacteria-free, heavy-metal-free, radioactive-free standard in a decentralized configuration makes it the best product to address water quality and scarcity issues.

DRMs will address issues including polluted waters, harsh water conditions, rising water costs, and unnecessary use of energy for water transportation. The technology is applicable to water issues in already industrialized developed countries with aging water infrastructure as well as developing countries where water infrastructure is lacking.


  • Size: 10" diameter x 29" high
  • Weight: Approximately 60 lbs
  • Power usage: 400 watts
  • Max. Purification Rate: 20 gal / hr of purified distillate (480 gal / day)
  • Operating Efficiency: 20 W-hr/gal
  • Operating cost: Less than $0.002 / gal for electricity (based on $0.10 / kWh)
  • Water Reject Rate: 1%
  • Distillate water quality: Single digit parts per million or better. Superior water compared to any water utility
  • Maintenance: One scheduled maintenance check per year; negligible replacement parts


  • High reliability and consistency of water quality, regardless of input water contaminants
  • Remote monitoring assurance
  • Leak proof enclosure
  • No consumables
  • Inherently safe design + multiple safety features
  • Scale-ability: Installation in parallel to provide increased capacity and redundancy
  • Operation oversight: None; turn it on and monitor remotely