Point of Entry

Point of Entry SystemAquaback's Point of Entry (POE) solution is the best household water purification system for anyone concerned about the quality of their water. In one step, the DRM, removes any and all water contaminants, provides homeowners “piece of mind”, and eliminates the need to test water quality.

The DRM removes any concentration of bacteria, arsenic, methane, ammonia, calcium, magnesium, iron, fluoride, radon, chlorine, etc. that are currently contaminating or could contaminate the water supply. For a full list of contaminants removed and to see how the DRM compares to Reverse-Osmosis systems, Click Here.

Incoming water is distilled into pure, healthful water, which is then circulated throughout the house through existing plumbing lines. Appliances using distilled water will have improved performance and a longer life. Sinks, toilets and showers will not need to be clean as often, since distilled water doesn't leave behind any calcium build up, red or green colored lines on plumbing fixtures. Soap consumption can also be reduced due to the fact that less soap is necessary to make suds.

We are currently taking no obligation pre-orders for the POE-DRM system. If you’re interested in reserving your POE system, please Contact Us.


  • Dimensions: 5' Height x 24" Width x 30" Depth
  • Storage Capacity: 80 gallon tank shown (optional 120 gallon tank)
  • Max. purification rate: 480 Gallons / Day
  • Power use: 400 W
  • Operating Efficiency: 20Whr/Gal
  • Input Pressure: up to 120 PSI
  • Output pressure: 50 PSI (similar to current water pressure)
  • Water Reject Rate: 1%


  • Removes all known and unknown contaminants in the water
  • Easy to install
  • Digital readout monitoring (can be connected to the internet)
  • Display shows PPM of output water
  • Safety alarm if water quality is out of spec.
  • No chemicals or salt necessary
  • No consumables
  • Contaminants in water exit as a dry sterilized powder
  • Optional addition of chemicals/minerals to engineer water

There's no need to wait for any governmental agency to identify chemicals as harmful, institute appropriate regulation, and take the appropriate measures to enforce it. In the United States, the EPA restricts and monitors approximately 120 of over 60,000 chemicals introduced to the environment, which means that clean tap water does not equal healthful tap water. With our system, there is no worry about any contaminants because of the inherently high purity of the water.

The POE-DRM will do all this at a capital cost that is less than alternatives, an operating cost that is less than all competing solutions, without the cost of expensive consumables, and with very infrequent maintenance. Importantly by delivering 99% of input water for use, eliminating reject water, it saves input water costs and overcomes potential constraints on water availability.