Military Solutions

DRM Military Application

Aquaback's portable solution meets or exceeds the water standards currently in place for the military. Our light and rugged portable DRM can be carried and set up in a matter of minutes by one soldier. The portable DRM is ideal for individual units on patrol in remote locations for long periods of time or by forward operating bases that need to supply clean water where little or no infrastructure is in place.

The efficiency of the DRM allows it to create 500 gallons of pure water from 1 U.S. gallon of fuel. Creating clean water at the point of use can offer:

  • Guaranteed high quality water regardless of input quality
  • No need to truck in purified water from outside the region
  • No internal consumables reduce dependence on supply routes
  • No additional infrastructure (pipes, etc.) is necessary
  • Runs off existing power generators or renewable power systems
  • Water quality doesn't change with time because there are no filters that get clogged