Emergency Water

Every year there are many disasters worldwide which affect the basic utilities on which the population depends.

Emergency DRM Detail

Aquaback's portable DRM is light enough (60 lbs.) to be easily brought into devastated areas to provide immediate relief. It’s simple design allows it to be quickly installed by placing the retractable pick up device into a muddy river or any water source, including sewage, and connecting the portable DRM to a power supply. Its high energy efficiency means that it can be run off a generator and provide 500 gallons of clean, safe water for every gallon of fuel. A typical 4000W home backup generator can power up to 10 portable DRMs which would create about 5,000 gallons per day of clean, pure water. That's enough to satisfy the basic needs (13.5 gallons / day / person) of roughly 350 people or enough drinking water for 5,000 people.

This portable solution is ideal for a microloan programs, trying improve access to clean water. In developing counties one of these units can meet the basic needs for an entire village while eradicating waterborne diseases without the need for any consumables, including the chemicals currently used to make the water "safe". In fact, Aquaback's system enables these communities to achieve higher quality water than what is currently provided by any utility. It is truly the next step in water treatment evolution, making safe water healthful water. The importance of clean water in developing nations is highlighted by the fact that 3.5 million people die annually from unsafe water, the majority of which are children.

For microloan programs trying to create more transparency in their program, the ethernet cable typically accompanying the DRM can be replaced by a portable cellular transmitter. This would allow charities, mircoloan programs and micro-doners to receive regular updates on the amount of water processed as well as the operating condition of the DRM.

Aquaback's dedication to sustainability would not be complete without offering the option of running the portable DRM solely on power generated from wind and/or solar power. Additional details about this system will be made available after our DRM is released.