Large Commercial

The multi-module DRM system is ideal for large commercial and residential buildings that want to save money and "go-green" by reducing their water usage and operating costs. When full recycling is implemented, the system can reduce building water usage to essentially zero; buildings previously limited by water and/or waste water use concerns can now be constructed. Not only is having a low water use great for the bottom line, it also helps the building meet or exceed local standards and earn valuable LEED points, which can help attract environmentally conscience tenants and customers.

Aquaback’s product offering (DRM Array, POD, PAK, ePAK) can meet any expected water usage. Depending on operating conditions and requirements, any degree of recycling up to 100% can be achieved. The reliable and innovative design of our products means that building operators do not have to predict the cost of the system by factoring in any consumables in addition to electricity costs. The only operating cost throughout the life of our products is the electricity cost which allows the user to easily determine the ROI and the building's operating costs.

Developers and owners of large buildings with access to centrally supplied water and wastewater treatment increasingly are charged higher rates as usage increases, providing an economic incentive to reuse or recycle water. Significant opportunity exists to install distributed power generation, use waste heat for heating and air conditioning and to provide clean water at a total cost of about 30% of that paid to utilities for power, water, wastewater services. ePAK systems will produce well over 1000 gallons of clean potable water from sewage for every gallon of fuel burned.

Reclaimed, purified, distillate can be used for any purpose throughout the building but perhaps the best use is to operate in HVAC and other equipment. Distilled water is perfect for this use, extends equipment life and lowers cooling tower maintenance. Hotels, health care facilities, and convention centers use large amounts of water for laundry and food preparation and are particularly sensitive to supplying clean water and to mitigating large consumption of limited water resources in order to satisfy local politicians.

General Specifications:

  • Compact design - 45,000 gallon/day PAK can be installed in less than 40 square feet of floor space
  • Low noise level
  • Insensitive to environmental conditions
  • Interactive control system monitors the entire array and can transmit operating conditions to remote locations, if needed
  • Reliable operation - failure of one cell does not interrupt operation of the rest