Food & Beverage Solution

High quality potable water is the primary and most important ingredient in the majority of food and beverage products. It starts with the water used to grow the grain and ends with the water used to pasteurize packaging at the end of the manufacturing process. As a whole, the industry is one of the largest industrial consumers of water in the world. Most large food and beverage processing companies understand the importance of reliable clean water and have already begun taking steps to reduce their water usage. Many of these initiatives typically involve reducing flow rates or recycling some water that doesn't necessarily have to be clean to perform its job. Until now there hasn't been an economical way to drastically reduce the amount of water used when creating food and beverage products.

Aquaback's distillation products can be assembled to meet any daily flow rate needs, while increasing reliability and performance efficiency. PODs, PAKs, and ePAKs purify incoming water, regardless of its contents, and turn it into high quality distilled water, ready for any use throughout operations. Equipment using water for cooling or lubrication will run smoother and more efficiently because distilled water from the our products do not contain impurities that cause mineral buildup. Cleaning of products with distilled water enables the user to achieve a spot free finish without the need for additional processes. Potential applications for distilled water within the food and beverage industry can generally be grouped into purifying the input and recycling the output:

Pre-treatment Advantages:

  • Increase product quality
  • Increase product consistency
  • Enable distributed manufacturing
  • Purify reject water and increase the efficiency of existing water purification systems
  • Know the water is safe

Post-treatment Advantages:

  • Reduce the amount of waste water created from by products, equipment cleaning, packaging, and sterilization
  • Reduce demand on local water infrastructure, including wastewater plants
  • Reduce demand on local water supplies
  • Reuse purified waste water for any use
  • Excess heat from manufacturing can be utilized to increase the efficiency of Aquaback’s products