Cluster Septic

Cluster Septic Solution

Development is sometimes prevented or its cost increased significantly by the need to provide water and wastewater treatment that cannot or will not be supplied by water and wastewater utilities. In the Mid-Atlantic States and elsewhere most wastewater treatment plants are at capacity. In single family developments home site flexibility is often constrained by the need to accommodate wells, septic systems and large leach fields. Owners increasingly want to reuse or recycle water to save money and to be environmentally responsible.

Aquaback’s DRM Array, POD, PAK or ePAK products can be combined with an existing cluster septic system or installed new as part of a turnkey solution. Purified water can be used for any purpose, including replenishing the local reservoir and watering lawns without any additional treatment.

Additional advantages of the Aquaback Cluster Septic Solution are:

  • Reduces community water and sewer costs
  • Becomes a truly sustainable community
  • Reduces net water usage by 99% when combined with recycling
  • Optional power generation from methane generated by the septic tanks supplemented by natural gas
  • Reduces or eliminates (pending local ordinances) leech field size requirements
  • Increases building siting flexibility
  • Improves development density
  • Allows favorable development setbacks from existing infrastructure