Laundry Systems

50,000 gal/day array shown

Aquaback's multi-module laundry system is ideal for laundry applications on two fronts: pre-treatment and post-treatment/recycling. With Aquaback distillation, 99% of the water used can be cleaned and reused for full or partial recycling. The only additional water needed is to make up the amount of water the clothes absorb during washing. Recycling covers not only the water but also the waste heat in the water, resulting in significant energy as well as water savings. In fact, when full recycling of water is implemented, savings from the advanced heat recovery system within the Aquaback’s products means that the system pays for itself from the reduced energy cost to heat the water.

Pre-treatment Advantages:

  • Cleaner laundry
  • Soft water requires less detergent
  • Laundry machines run clean and last longer
  • Drying machines become more efficient
  • No residue is left on clothes
  • Lower energy cost - less preheating of water is required when water is recycled

Post-treatment Advantages:

  • Dramatically reduces the amount of wastewater the facility creates
  • Reduce overall water demand
  • Lower operating costs
  • Allow facilities to be placed in areas previously unavailable due to water constraints
  • Become an environmentally friendly facility

Aquaback Laundry Solution Flow Path:

Laundry with Distiller Flow Diagram

Current Flow Path:

Laundry Flow Diagram