Brewery Solution

1. Water Purification

It is widely known that great beer starts with great ingredients. With water making up over 90% of the ingredients, it should be the most important. Aquaback’s proprietary technology has the ability to take in any input water source, regardless of contents and concentration and create the highest quality water (distilled) at a price competitive with or below existing water filtration technologies. Water filtration technologies, like reverse-osmosis work well taking out impurities known to be in the water source, but they do this at the cost of creating a large amount of reject water. If a filtration system is currently in place that produces a large waste stream, our device can be attached to this waste flow to reduce the water being thrown away by at least 90%, or it can replace the existing system.

We know a brand is nothing without a consistent great tasting beer that people recognize. Often growth into new markets is constrained by the quality and availability of the water source. With Aquaback’s device producing the same high quality water regardless of input makeup, the same consistent beer can now be created across the globe. Additionally, production centers can be moved or built closer to distribution centers; eliminating expensive shipping cost, reducing the company’s carbon footprint and mitigating risk by reducing dependence on one primary water source(s).

2. Water Recycling/Recovery

The average liquid waste from the beer industry is 5 gallons of water to 1 gallon of beer. Hardly any of this is reused and ends up in treatment plants. Since Aquaback’s device can take in any water source and produce the highest quality potable water, it can be used to recycle or clean up a variety of waste water sources. In Aquaback’s device, the temperature of both the distillate (pure water) and concentrate (dirty water) are raised to 212F, eliminating all bacteria in the distillate and any living bacteria in the waste stream. Since our system is not sensitive to what is contained in the input source, all waste water streams are possible points where Aquaback’s device can be installed. There are a number of applications where our device could be immediately deployed, such as:

Cleaning Operations

  • Factory floor
  • Bottling/Packaging
  • Tanks
  • Pasteurization
  • Sanitation

Brewing Operations

  • Recover water lost during filtration processes
  • Recover water in any lost beer
  • Separate organic matter from usable water
  • Kill living organisms reducing the need for large onsite bio-reactors and large holding tanks before releasing waste water into the environment (easily comply with existing or future EPA regulations)