Team Members

The Aquaback team is a group of very talented individuals who bring their passion and excitement to develop the next generation of water purification and recycling products.

Bill Zebuhr

Bill Zebuhr is the Founder, and Chief Technology Officer at Aquaback. He is primarily responsible for the invention and creation of the distiller and related products. Bill leads the team in designing, analyzing, building and testing the product. He also leads the design of the manufacturing processes and works with vendors who will be involved with manufacturing. Additionally, he assists in market analysis and customer collaboration. Bill has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. He has over 40 years of engineering experience working at Emerson Electric, Sander's Associates (now BAE), as well as numerous small companies, including start-ups. He invented the Z Duct, an industrial heat recovery device that is the technical basis for Des Champs Laboratories, now a 50 million dollar per year division of a larger company. He founded and ran Sun House, Inc., the largest solar company in New Hampshire in the early 1980's. Mr. Zebuhr also founded Ovation Products, later renamed Zanaqua, where he invented and developed the world’s most energy efficient vapor compression distiller at the time. A prolific inventor with over 45 patents that span a wide range of expertise, Bill is credited with inventions that have saved hundreds of millions of gallons of oil to date (approximately 3,000 barrels of oil per day.)

Scott Newquist

Scott Newquist is CEO, Chairman and President, and Founder. He is responsible for leading the company in strategy, capital structure and financing, business planning and budgeting, marketing, joint venture partner selection and negotiation of terms. Scott holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School, graduating as a Baker Scholar, and a BA from Williams College, graduating Phi Beta Kappa. He was Executive Managing Director of Kidder Peabody with profit responsibility for over 4000 employees, Managing Director and head of Merchant Banking at Morgan Stanley and has been co-founder of several other businesses.

David Dussault

David Dussault is a founding shareholder and serves as Mechanical Engineer, Senior Analyst, and Vice President. His primary responsibilities are to support design through analysis and testing. For analysis, he develops mathematical models of the distiller. The models are used to optimize performance and to guide testing, where he leads the experimental validation of performance. Analysis and testing results are documented with internal reports, which can be made available upon request. David has a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, where he concentrated in numerical thermo-fluids. His previous experience includes design, analysis and testing at Zanaqua Technologies for vapor compression distillation applications, at GE for airplane engine applications, and at Aerodyne Research for airplane exhaust applications.

Bill Burie

Bill Burie works as Materials Manager, Operations Manager and Project Manager. Bill has 38 years in a manufacturing environment. He was trained at a vocational technical school in welding and sheet metal fabrication. He worked as a welder for three companies, including Ingersoll Rand, dealing with carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and titanium and was a QC Inspector and a QC Engineer at Ingersoll Rand. Bill earned a Master's of Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University and became the Senior Buyer at Ingersoll Rand. From 2000 to the present, Bill has worked in purchasing, materials management, contract management and customer relations.

Anil Shanbhag

Anil Shanbhag, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, comes to Aquaback with significant expertise in launching technology focused manufacturing businesses on a global scale. His primary function is to identify, pursue and capture opportunities for introduction of the technology and the incorporation of the DRM products in applications worldwide. In addition, he will provide his insights into the establishment of manufacturing facilities and product launches as well as assist in fund raising activities to support Aquaback’s growth initiatives. Anil holds B.S & M.S. in Chemistry from University of Bombay and M.S. in Engineering from University of Massachusetts. He is an alumnus of the Drucker School of Management, where he earned his Executive MBA. He held senior leadership positions at publicly traded companies, such as Esterline Technologies and TriMas Corporation. Currently he is mentoring start-ups in Southern California..